Supply of documents (see below) at point of application enables us to process with minimal delay.

  • 100 points of Identification ie : Photo Id, Licence ,Passport ,Medicare, Credit/Bank Cards etc

  • Evidence of Income

  • Bank Statement

  • Previous Rental History (if applicable)

  • Employment History (if applicable)

  • Upon acceptance of your application you are required to pay Bond and sign Lease within 24 hours.

Please advise of any delays in rental payments or change of circumstance as soon as possible.

One of the most common disputes in a tenancy usually isn’t with the Landlord but occurs when one or more of the original tenants move out. Departing Tenants must arrange with the Landlords approval removal from the original Tenancy Agreement. This ensures the departing tenant/s are not liable for any future disputes or rent arrears. Ongoing and departing Tenants are advised to finalise and notify the relevant Authority of changes to bond ownership. Failure to do so may result in a VCAT hearing to determine Bond details.