Street appeal is crucial to create a positive impression to the prospective buyer, it is important that we get this right the first time. Potential purchasers may drive past your property prior to viewing the home.

  • Pay attention to the following items

  • Clean Paths and driveways

  • Ensure Gates – fences are in good repair

  • Paint and repair external wood work

  • Sparkle windows, prepare, weed and garden beds

Stand outside your property and ask yourself one simple question would this entice me to inspect this property.


Time for a spring clean

  • Make your house is as light and bright as possible

  • Sparkle, shine and declutter each room remember less is best.

General maintenance

  • A Fresh paint if needed and ensure your home is appealing to all senses, sight smell and sound

  • A well-maintained property will give the prospective buyer confidence to put forward a good offer.